So this week we’re finally discussing our final collaborate project for Writing Theory and Practice. I’m feeling a mixture of emotions, a tinge of sadness seeing the class come to an end, an anxious outlook on how to make this project come to fruition, and optimistic about working with my colleagues on a grand project.

Going off of what my classmates have said about their opinions, multimedia approaches seem to be the keen idea or part of the overall project. Everything seems ambitious and varied, so I’m honestly curious seeing how we’d come together to finalize something. I have no real preference on the execution, my feelings towards the main ideas mean more to me.

Going off that point, I want to learn a bit more on what goes into creating a teaching program/curriculum, since I have no experience in teaching. Speaking honestly, I’m still not too invested in this, as I’m more focused on writing, but I’m sure the experience will provide a nice moment of learning to what I can add to my overall knowledge. I’m not sure what I want to learn, but I’d like to have options for varied experiences/reflections be a possibility in the end, in which whomever engages with what we made can come out with different opinions and ideas from others. I really want to emphasize individuality of the voice as a component.

I couldn’t think of what I’d like to do in execution, but going off what others have said, maybe a pamphlet or how-to-do project is something that caught my eye. It’s almost reminiscent of what I’ve experienced in teaching art demos, so perhaps my memories of that can be of some use there. But then I’m concerned on what it is we can teach? Should we make this project physical or digital? How open-ended or narrow should we make the scope of this?

There’s a lot to think about, and it’s kind of terrifying. So here’s hoping the next class can reassure myself and find a way to meaningfully connect us all to create something worthy of our status as graduate students of Kean.

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